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  • Is this a monthly subscription?
    Yes, but you can cancel anytime
  • Where is my content hosted?
    The content is hosted on our platform and only the audience in your specification will have access to it.
  • How do you promote the content?
    We promote the content using email and phone only to the audience in your specifications provided by you. Organic traffic creates a lot of interest for audiences outside your spec, which in most cases are avid readers, not buyers.
  • When should I contact the leads?
    As soon as possible, using a combination of email and phone both.
  • How do you know these leads are interested in our product/service?
    We have an internal engine that captures intent, and we combine those intent signals from ZoomInfo.
  • What countries do you support?
    Only USA.
  • What happens when I receive information that is incorrect?
    Send us the leads with a valid Disqualification reason and we will replace it with 5 net new leads.
  • Do you provide direct numbers?
    Yes, we provide direct numbers for most of the leads. (Usually 90%+)
  • When will the leads be delivered?
    Once the campaign is launched, your campaign manager will provide an estimate. Most campaigns can be completed in as little as 2 days to 3 weeks.
  • How do you get your contacts?
    We have over 32M contacts in our database and access to over 400M+ contacts (permission based- we are officially permitted to send emails to them)
  • Can I add a list of accounts to target?
  • Can I exclude contacts/ companies (suppression list)?
  • What fields included in the final report?
    By default, we have First name, Last name, Email, Phone, Extension, Location, Person country, Person ZIP code, Company, Job title, Date of scoring, Asset Name, Person Social link, Company Social Link. You can add other fields from list of fields Listed here.
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